Automatic foreign currency exchange machine


Features for automatic foreign currency exchange machine

  • A compact-sized foreign currency exchange machine which addresses space saving concerns by occupying the smallest possible footprint.
    450 mm(W) × 1,500 mm(H) ×500 mm(D)
  • Compatible with multiple currencies
    85 different bill denominations can be selected from the currencies of 120 countries. It is possible to judge the authenticity (of the accepted bills).
  • Display supports multiple languages
    Displays the screen contents in 10 languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) so far.
  • Audio guidance
    It has an audio guidance function in Japanese and English at moment.
  • Enables secure and easy cash replenishment and recovery with safe-type cassettes.
    3 built-in cassettes for withdrawals and 1 for deposits. By exchanging and collecting the entire cassette, the manager of the exchange machine can operate without touching the cash.
  • Abundant options
    Passport reader for KYC (Know Your Customer / user ID verification)
    A coin changing unit can also be installed.
    Remote monitoring system (web-based changes to the exchange rates possible)
    Non-contact card and bar code readers can also be installed.

Need for introduction of foreign currency exchange machines

When it comes to places where foreign currency exchange machines are installed, many people probably have an image of airports and terminals of various countries.
In fact, considering the fact that we seldom see foreign currency exchange machines in towns, that image may not be far from reality.
However, there are certainly situations when people need to exchange foreign currency outside of airports or terminals.
Nowadays, you can exchange foreign currencies at banks and exchangers. However, such exchange services at banks’ and exchangers’ service counters have limited business hours.
For this reason, there is a growing need for new services that provide immediate and easy exchange of foreign currencies when there is no counter for exchange available before one plans to go abroad, or when one wishes to exchange any foreign currency they did not spend before returning to home country.
It is also not unusual to suddenly need cash in the local currency on shopping streets or small shops where credit cards are not accepted, when we step out of the airport and start sightseeing.
In this case, multilingual screen display and audio guidance will be necessary, considering that people from various countries may use the services. Our foreign currency exchange machine AGS-KME-01 can meet these demands.

Product Specifications

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