Message from the Board

ARUNAS Message from Koji Nishikawa
Koji Nishikawa Koji Nishikawa

We will provide products useful for the society.

Our company was founded in 1969 in Yamashina-ku (Kyoto) as a cooperative alongside an analysis equipment manufacturer. Since then, we have been engaged in the design and production of microcomputer/microelectronics applied products and systems.
2019 marked our company's 50th anniversary. We are currently developing our business through our own integrated system (from development, design, production, sales, through to field service), focusing on our own products (cash solutions) and contracted development (ODM/OEM) business. Under the guiding principle of "The customer is absolutely first" our employees are united in our commitment to thorough quality control.
Galvanizing these strengths, we continue to strive to make our products and services widely useful to society under our management slogan, "Freely, lively, and actively".
We are committed to providing products and services useful to society.
Thank you for your continued support.
ARUNAS Message from Masato Sugiyama
Masato Sugiyama Masato Sugiyama

Refining our manufacturing for the next 50 years.

With the strength of our embedded technology cultivated through the development and manufacturing of control equipment in the industrial field, we are developing the cash solutions business and contracted development (ODM/OEM) business.
As Japan faces an imminent decline in its working population, promotion of cashless payments is regarded as a solution for store operators to improve productivity. However, while stores are slowly introducing cashless facilities, very few stores currently support a full no-cash system. The consensus is that proper productivity cannot be attained due to the need to manage both cashless system and cash as long as they are used together.
From the perspective of efficiency and simplification in cash management, we are proceeding with the planning and development of "cash solution" products to promote cashless payments. We manufacture cash handling machines, including payment machines, deposit machines, electronic money chargers, foreign currency exchange machines, and KIOSK terminals. We also promote contracted development (ODM/OEM) of products according to customer requirements.
As we set our sights on our 100th anniversary, we will continue to refine our manufacturing over the next 50 years in response to the expectations and trust of our customers.