Ticket Vending and Payment Machine with Signage


This is the ticket vending and self-checkout machine with signage function, which is put our whole technology into the body. The installation of such high-performance ticket vending and payment machine enables to shorten the time for selling thickets and customers’ latencies. The simplification on your cash balancing job and cash management also will be expected.

Features for Ticket Vending and Payment Machine with Signage

  • Stylish design with a height that attracts attention. With a vertical screen length of 1700 mm, the terminal can display two screens for signage and operation.
  • Supports a variety of existing payment methods.
    Supports cash, credit cards, QR codes, two-dimensional bar codes, and contactless cards.
  • Expansion unit equipped with coin payment and card issuing functions.
  • Also equipped with passport reader for user ID verification.
  • Two CCD cameras are built in to monitor malfunctions and abnormal behaviors during transactions.
  • Equipped with ticket, coupon and receipt issuing functions.
  • Speakers can be added later if audio guidance is required.
Product Specifications

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