Foreign currency payment support terminal

  • The smallest foreign currency exchange machine with a space-saving design.
    165 mm(W) × 470 mm(H) ×391 mm(D)
  • Dual operation panel
    Operation panels are equipped on both front and back sides.
    Users can exchange currencies on the front operation panel, while the store uses the back operation panel to confirm the operation.
  • Installed as annex to a cash register.
    Foreign currencies accepted are stored in AGS-CT1, and the local currency is paid from the register. The size can be further reduced with a change in the configuration.
  • Compatible with multiple currencies
    85 different bill denominations can be selected from the currencies of 120 countries.
    Authentication is also possible.
  • Display supports multiple languages
    Displays the screen contents in 5 languages (Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese) so far.
  • Simple collection of the foreign currencies from the machine with the cassette system.
  • Changes in exchange rates possible through the optional remote monitoring system.

The side panel color can be changed to suit the location of installation.

  • AGS-CT1
Product Specifications

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